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Las Vegas Dino Tours

This cab can do 360!


Learn about the history, the mafia, see the art, sculptures and discover everything downtown has to offer in a one of kind dino style tour. Capture 360 photos get every angle of your experience. Take a ride to your local dispensary or any where up to a 3 mile radius withing the down town area. We are Sin City Cycle Cabs, and we are your tour/taxi guides for the downtown area.

When I’m not outdoors looking for the next great adventure, I spend my time doing research and exploring new possibilities to help keep my tours fresh, interesting, and relevant. Have a look at all the great tour packages, and get in touch with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Contact Us

We are a on call service. Are operational  hours may vary from  5:00am -12:00pm, Pacific Standard Time, and we are generally  available for any and all inquiries you have about one of our tours.

Please feel free to contact us directly by e-mail at lasvegasdinotours.com or call us at (702) 283-1738 with any questions, comments or to book a pedicab or tour.

Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to giving your the best Downtown experience of your life!

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